21+ Tricky Science Questions

on 21 Jan 2019, 10:30AM
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1 Which of the following is the largest call of a human body?

a) Nerve cell
b) Acetabularia
c) female egg
d) Human male sperm

2Plaster of Paris is formed by heating what at 100oc

a) CaSO₄.¹/₂ H₂O
b) CaSO₄.2H₂O
c) CuSO₄.2H₂O
d) CuSO₄.5H₂O

3Smallest cell in the human male

a) Sperm/
b) Nerve cell
c) WBC
d) RBC

4 Largest angio spermic plant

a) Eucalyptus
b) Babool
c) Sequoia gigantic
d) Giant Kelp

5 Largest and heaviest non-vertebrate organism present on earth

a) African elephant
b) Elephant
c) Giant squid
d) Whale

6 The Largest organ of the human body

a) Stomach
b) Liver
c) Thyroid
d) Pancreas

7The phenomena of Electromagnetism was first established by

a) Maxwell
b) Faraday
c) Oersted
d) Simon Ohm

Most important

8 Which of the following is used in making a telescope?

a) Concave lens
b) Concave mirror
c) Convex lens
d) Convex mirror

9 Gas-filled with LPG to detect any leakage

a) Methyl mercaptan
b) Ethane mercaptan
c) Ethyl mercaptan
d) Methane mercaptan

10 Last element in Mendeleev series

b) Mercury
c) Bismuth
d) Zirconium/

11 Lightest gas which of filled in a balloon

a) Hydrogen
b) Nitrogen
c) Helium
d) Oxygen

12 Chemical formula of Limestone

a) CaO
b) Ca(OH)₂
c) CaCO₃
d) CaOCl₂

13 The phenomena of radioactivity were discovered by_

a) Roentgen
b) Marie Curie
c) Becquerel
d) Rutherford

14Chemical formula of Producer gas

a) No + H2
b) Co + N2
c) No + H2
d) No + N2


15 Lightest Element of the periodic table

a) Osmium
b) Gallium
c) Mercury
d) Lithium

16 Hardest element of the periodic table

a) Platinum
b) Diamond
c) Oganesson
d) Lanthanide

17 Bubble in dir or glass is an example of

a) Concave mirror
b) Convex mirror
c) Concave lens
d) Convex lens

19 Gamma (γ) rays were discovered by

a) Roentgen
b) Paul Villard
c) Henri Becquerel
d) Rutherford

20Father of vaccination

a) Robert Koch
b)Edward Jenner
c) Louis Pasteur
d) Alexander flaming

21 The chemical formula of soda ash

a) Na₂Co₃
b) NaHco₃
c) Na₂CO₃.10H₂O
d) Na HCO₃.10H₂O

22 Proton was discovered by

a) Chadwick
b) Rutherford
c) Goldstein
d) Dalton

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