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Famous Books And Authors Questions
on 24 Feb 2019, 10:30AM
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1 Who is the author of the book “The State of The Nation”?

a) Fali S.Nariman
b) Mark Tully
c) Vinod Mehta
d) Kuldip Nayar

2 Who wrote the book “Origin of Species”?

a) Watson
b) Charles Darwin
c) Mendel
d) Hutchinson

3 Who is the writer of the book “Romancing With Life”?

a) Dev Anand
b) Kapil Dev
c) Bill Clinton
d) Shashi Tharur

4Match the following and choose the correct answer

1 My Presidential Years S. Radhakrishanan
2 The Hindu view of Life V.V.Giri
3 Voice of Conscience Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
4 Without Fear or Favor R. Venkatraman
1 2 3 4
1 B A D C
2 D C B A
3 B C D A
4 D A B C

4 Who wrote “The Autobiography of An Unknown Indian”?

a) Nirad C. Chaudhuri
b) R.K. Narayan
c) R.K. Laxman
d) Raj Mohan Gandhi

5 Who is the writer of the book “Beyond The Lines: An Autobiography”?

a) Khushwant Singh
b) General J.J. Singh
c) Kuldip Nayar
d) Ray Bradbury

6 Who wrote “Two Lives”?

a) Kiran Desai
b) Vikram Seth
c) Arundhati Roy
d) Khushwant Singh

Most important

7 Who is the writer of the book “Nineteen Eighty-Four”?

a) Walter Scott
b)J.M. Barrie
c) George Orwell
d) Thomas Hardey

8 Who is the writer of the book “Long Walk To Freedom”?

a) Louis Fischer
b) Aung San Suu Kyi
c) Nelson Mandela
d) Mao Tse Tung

9Which of the following books are written by Late Mulk Raj Anand?

b) The Barber’s Trade Union
c) All of these
d) Two Leaves and A Bud

10 Who is the author of the book “Employment, interest and Money”?

a) A. Marshall
b) D. Patinkin
c) J.M. Keynes
d) A. Smith

11 Who wrote the book “The Enchantress of Florence”?

a) Amit Chaudhuri
b) Joya Hasan
c) Salman Rushdie
d) Vilas Sarang

12 Munshi Premchand is associated with which of the following books?

a) Seva Sadan
b) Godan
c) All of these
d) Rangbhoomi

13Which of the following books is written by V.S Naipaul?

a) The rediscovery of India
b) A House for Mr Biswas
c) Witness the Night
d) Tenterhooks

14 Which is the first composition of Salman Rushdie?

a) Shame
b) Midnight’s Children
c) The Satanic Verses
d) The Moor’s Last Sigh

15“India Wins Freedom” is an autobiography of

a) Muhammad Ali
b) Jakir Hussain
c) Abul Kalam Azad
d) Syed Ahmed Khan


16 Which scientist has written the book “A Brief History of Time?

a) J.L. Baird
b) Pasteur
c) Edward Jenner
d) Stephen Hawking

17 Which of the following pair is incorrectly matched?

a) Plato - Republic
b) Jawaharlal Nehru - Hind Swaraj
c) Aristotle - Politics
d) Karl Marx - Das Capital

18 Arundhati Roy is the author of the book

a) Half A Life
b) Truth Love and A Little Malice
c) The Algebra of Infinite Justice
d) Rising Sun

19 Who is the author of the famous book “Malgudi Days”?

a) Rabindranath Tagore
b) RK Narayan
c) Deepak Chopra
d) VS Naipaul

20 Who is the author of the book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”

a) VS Naipaul
b) Deepak Chopra
c) Dom Morris
d) Tony Kushner

21 “A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever” whose quote is this?

a) William Wordsworth
b) John Keats
c) Charles Dickens
d) Jonathan Swift

22 “Don’t laugh: We are police” is compiled by-

a) KPS Gill
b) Bishan Lal Vohra
c) Shanti Swaroop
d) None of these

23 India today is-

a) A mass of problems
b) Part of british India removing
Pakistan and Bangladesh a

c) A new magazine for current affaris
d) Indian union, member of UN

24 Who has written the books of “Harry Potter” series?

a) P.G. Woodhouse
b) J.K. Rowling
c) Franklin W .Dixon
d) Carolin Klein

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