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1What do you call the study of fungi?

a) Mycology
b) Parasitology
c) Bacteriology
d) Ecology

2 The branch of biology dealing with the study of cells known as-

a) Cytology
b) Histology
c) Psychology
d) Physiology

3Ferns belong to which division of plants?

a) Gymnosperms
c) Angiosperms
d) Thallophyta

4 Which of the following cell organelle is present only in the plant cell?

a) Mitochondria
b) Cell membrane
c) Vacuole
d) Cell wall

5 ____ are a group of chemicals that influence cell division and shoot formation.

a) Gibberellins
b) Dominus
c) Auxins
d) Cytokinins

6 Which of the following is not true about Bryophyta?

a) Dominant phases in gametophytes
b) Flowers are present
c) The main plant body is haploid
d) Spores are haploid

7 Bamboo is a type of ______

a) Grass
b) Herb
c) Tree
d) Shrub/

8 The plant cell wall is made up of

a) Sucrose
b) Cellulose
c) Glucose
d) Fructose

9 Bryophytes are also called _______ of the plant

a) Mammals
b) Amphibians
c) Reptiles
d) Insecta

10 The bark of this tree is used as a condiment-

a) Palm
b) Cinnamon
c) Clove
d) Neem

Most important

11A plant with compound leaves is

a) Papaya
b) Peepal
c) Coconut
d) Hibiscus

12 Cellulose is an example of which kind of nutrient?

a) Fat
b) Protein
c) Carbohydrate
d) Vitamin

13 Which of the following is a Parthenocarpic

a) Strawberry
b) Apple
c) Banana
d) Mulberry

14The meristem which occurs between mature tissues is known as _____ meristem.

a) Primary
b) Lateral
c) Intercalary
d) Apical

15Which fruit has its seed outside?

a) Banana
b) Groundnut
c) Strawberry
d) Cashew nut

16Carrot is orange in color because

a)It grows in the oil
b)The entire plant is orange in color
c) It contains carotene
d) It is not exposed to sunlight

17Cactus is referred to as

a) Hydrophyte
b) Xerophyte
c) Mesophyte
d) Epiphyte

19 The tallest plant in the world is

a) Pterocarpus
b) Eucalyptus
c) Polyalthia
d) Tectona

20 Intercalary meristems are found in

a) Node
c) Lateral bud
d) Terminal bud


21 Stem is usually

a)Negatively Phototropic
b) Negatively geotropic
c) Positively Phototropic
d) Positively necrotrophic

22 Which among the following type of trees are also called as sun-loving trees?

a) Xerophytes
b) Saprophytes
c) Heliophytes
d) Halophytes

23 Root hairs arise from

a) Cortex
b) Epidermis
c) Pericycle
d) Endodermis

24Organisms that use light to prepare food are known as_____

a) Heterotrophs
b) Autotrophs
c) Omnivores
d) Decomposers

25 The gametophyte is called prothallus in

a) Bryophyta
c) Spermatophyta
d) Thallophytes

26From which part of opium plant we get morphine?

a) Leaves
b) Stem
c) Bark
d) Fruit coat

27 Name the tiny pores present on the surface of leaves in plants.

a) Pits
b) Stomata/
c) Trichomes
d) Hydathodes

28 Flowerless plants are termed as

a) Phanerogams
b) Cryptogams
c) Bryophytes
d) Thallophytes

29 The smallest flowering plant is

a) Lemma
b) Wolffia
c) Azolla
d) Ficus

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