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General Knowledge Quiz Questions
on 25 March 2019, 5:30 AM
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1Who is the author of Lilavati?

ans) Bhaskar II

2 What year was the Khilafat movement?

Ans) 1919

3When was the first session of Congress?

ans) 1985

4 Who can amend the Money Bill?

Ans) Lok Sabha

5Auther of book the “The wealth of nation “

ans) Adem Smith

6 Chandragupta Vikramaditya belonged to which dynasty?


7How many circles are there in the Olympic logo?

ans) 5

8 India's rank in Human Development Index-

Ans) 130

9Who slogged the return to the Vedas

ans) Swami Dayanand Saraswati

10 Who originate the coins of victory?

Ans) Iltutmish

11How long is the tenure of the Lok Sabha?

ans) 5 years

12 Jama Masjid - Delhi

Ans) Shahjahan

13Top state in silk production

ans) Karnataka

14 The Search of Big Bang Theory

Ans) Stephen Hawking

15Father of Green Revolution

ans) M.S. Swaminathan

Most important

16Waterway 2 is located in which river?

ans) Brahmaputra

18 Which place connects the Prayagraj to the waterway?

Ans) Haldia from Prayagraj
(in river Ganga)

19Who discovered America

ans) Christopher Columbus

20 Who won BCCI poly umrigmar trophy 2017-18?

Ans) virat kohli

21 29th state of india-


22 king Ravi barman of which state


23M.A chidabara. Stadium located at

ans) at Chepauk in(Tamilnadu)

24 how many unions territory in India

Ans) 7

25Chairman of Bcci

ans) vinod rai

26 Which port is being developed to reduce the port of Chennai

Ans) Ennore

271.'Thang ta' martial art belong- to which state?

ans) Manipur

28 Which war resulted in a "Treaty of Seringapatam"?

Ans) Third Anglo–Mysore War

29Farmosa strait divides which two countries?

ans) Taiwan and china

30 The highest peak of Vindhya Range?

Ans) Kalumar peak


31on which river bank, Dhaka is situated?

ans) Ganga

32 Which type of vein found in dicotyledon seeds?

Ans) Parallel and Reticulate

33Founder of Banaras Hindu University?

ans) Madan Mohan Malaviya

34 'Baton' term is used in which game?

Ans) electRelay RACES

35Article 368 related to amendment comes under which part

ans) part 20

36 Simlipal is located in which state

Ans) odisha

37Post of Governor in Indian constitution adopted from

ans) Canada

38 The President can dissolve the Lok Sabha on whose say

Ans) Prime Minister

39Who gave a slogan to do or die?

ans) Mahatma Gandhi

40The chemical formula of phenol

Ans) C6H5OH

41 Who founded the city of Tughlaqabad

Ans) Muhammad bin Tughluq

42How many members are there in the Lok Sabha

ans) 552

43 National game of America

Ans) baseball

44Oceania is located in which continent?

ans) Australia

45 Who started the MANSABDARI System?

Ans) Akbar

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