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20 Confusing Science Questions.. Download PDF

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1A real gas can act as ideal gas at

a) High pressure and Low temperature
b) Low temperature and High Pressure
c) High temperature and Low Pressure.
d) Low pressure and High

2What is the chemical formula of plaster of Paris?

a) ZnSO₄.10H₂O
b) CaSO₄.10H₂O
c) H₂O
d) FeSO₄.7H₂O

3Carnalite is an ore of which of the following metal?

a) Al
b) Zn
c) K
d) Pt

4 Which element forms the highest number of compounds in the periodic table?

a) Carbon
b) Ferrus
c) Nitrogen
d) Oxygen

5 Convection occurs in which of the following.

a) Only solids and liquids
b) Only gases and solids
c) Only liquids and gases
d) Solid, liquid and gases

6 Carborundum is compound of which of the following?

a) Ge
b) Ca
c) S
d) Si

7Which of the following statement is not true about non-metal?

a) Good insulator of heat
b) Lack of metallic attribute
c) Sonorous
d) Do not have shiny appearance

8Deuterium atom has

a) Only one proton and one electron
b) One proton, one neutron
and one electron

c) One proton, one neutron but no electron
d) One neutron, one electron but no proton

9Which of the following one is not a primary colour?

a) Bluer
b) Black
c) Red
d) Green

10tears gas is?

a) hydroxy acetophenone
b) Chloro acetophenone
c) floro acetophenone
d) bromo acetophenone

11Bakelite is a polymer of Phenol and

a) Acetaldehyde
b) Formaldehyde
c) Benzaldehyde
d) Cinnamaldehyde


a) No definite shape but definite volume
b) No definite shape and volume
c) definite shape but no volume
d) Definite shape and volume

13Which one of the following is the main component of CNG?

a) Propane
b) Methane
c) Butane
d) Isobutane

14The sugar which is not a disaccharide

a) Lactose
b) Galactose
c) Sucrose
d) Maltose

15Which of the following is true about thermosetting plastic

a) Only a and b
b) Permanent changes on

c) Hardened when cooled
d) Softened when heated

16Which metals are found in bronze?

a) Copper and Zinc
b) Copper and Tin
c) Copper and Steel
d) Copper and Iron

17Which one of the following is a natural polymer?

a) Teflon
b) Bakelite
c) Nylon d) Starch

18Atomic number of an element is 28 and its atomic mass is 59.Find the number of neutrons in the element

a) 18
b) 31
c) 22
d) 28

19Which of the following is not a Green House Gas?

a) Water Vapour
b) Argon
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Methane

Most important

20 Hydroponics is associated with a -

a) MRelation of sound & air
b) Plant growth without water
c) Plant growth without soil
d) Plant growth with water

21 What is the resistance of an ideal voltmeter?

a) High
b) Zero
c) Infinite
d) Low

22 Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

a)Electric field
b) Acceleration
c) Electric current
d) Linear momentum

23Which one of the following is used to make periscope?

a) Concave lens
b) Concave Mirror/
c) Plane Mirror
d) None of the above

24 The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would:

a) Decrease
b) Become zero
c) Increase
d) Remain the same

25 Decibel is a term connected with-

a) Soil
b) Water
c) Sound
d) Air

26What is Impulse equal to?

a) Voltage
b) Electric Current
c) Resistance
d) Conductance

27Twinkling of stars is due to –

a) Diffraction
b) Refraction
c) Polarization
d) Total internal reflection

28Insects can move on the surface of water without sinking due to:

a) Dynamic lift
b) Surface tension of water
c) Viscosity of water
d) None of these

29Which of the following is not a property of electromagnetic waves?

a) They contain energy and momentum
b) They propagate as
longitudinal waves

c) They are uncharged
d) All the above are the properties of electromagnetic waves

30The gastrointestinal hormones namely secretin and cholecystokinin, secreted by duodenal epithelium activate respectively which organs to discharge their secretions?

a) Gall bladder and stomach
b) Pancreas and stomach
c) Pancreas and gall bladder
d) Stomach and small intestine

31What is the periodic moment of second pendulum?

a) 1 second
b) 2 second
c) 3 second
d) 4 second

32Which of the following is a good conductor of heat?

a) Asbestos
b) Mica
c) Celluloid
d) Paraffin wax

33What of the following is added to the hardness of Gold?

a) Styrene
b) Vinyl chloride
c) Propane
d) Acetylene

34The average weight of human brain about-

a) 1.64 kg
b) 1.36kg
c) 1.46kg
d) 1.63kg

35Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it-

a) Reduces consumption of petrol
b) Prevents freezing of petrol
c) Reduces evaporation of petrol
d) Increase efficiency of petrol

36Which of the following is a modified stem?

a) Carrot
b) Potato
c) Turnip
d) Radish

37Which one of the following element is used to purify the water?

a) Sulphur
b) Chlorine
c) Nitrogen
d) Sodium


38 Folic Acid is a chemical name of _____?

a) Vitamin B12
b) Vitamin B2
c) Vitamin B6
d) Vitamin B9

39 The rate of photosynthesis is maximum in—

a) White light
b)Red light
c) Blue light
d) Greenlight

40 Name the respiratory organs of insects?

a) Skin
b) Gills
c) Tracheae
d) all of the above

44 tuberculosis is caused by–

a) Fungi
b) Bacteria/
c) Protozoa
d) Virus

41How many bones are present in the face?

a) 12
c) 13
d) 24

422,4-D is used as?

a) Weedicide
b) Fertillizer
c) Vitamin
d) Protein

43The scientific name of Banyan is?

a) Mangifera indica
b) Ficus benghalensis
c) Azadirachta indica
d) Psidium guajava

44Which disease is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C?

a) Itai Itai
b) Dermatitis
c) Learning disability
d) Asthma

45Neurons are part of which system of the human body?

a) Circulatory system
b) Nervous system
c) Excretory system
d) Richardson

46Ginger is a modified with?

a) Flower
b) Stem
c) Leaf
d) Root


a) Flower
b) Stem
c) Leaf
d) Root

48Oils and fats

a) Ethyl esters of fatty acids
b) Glyceryl esters of
higher fatty acids

c) Methyl esters of fatty acids
d) Acetyl esters of higher fatty acids

49Which of the following metal has the highest melting point?

a) Tin
b) Tungsten
c) Uranium
d) Plutonium

50Which of the following gases is lighter than air?

a) Oxygen
b) Ammonia
c) Chlorine
d) Ozone

51Which substance is used in making of deep blue color glass?

a) Selenium Oxide
b) Cobalt Oxide
c) Cupric Salt
d) Carbon

52"Mohr Scale" is used to indicate the

a) The degree of brittleness of a substance
b) Degree of hardness
of minerals

c) The degree of viscosity of a liquid
d) The degree of elasticity of a Material

53In Tritium (t), the number of neutrons are –

a) 1
b) 2
c) 0
d) 4

54Which of the following cell is a secondary cell?

a) Fuel cell
b) Ni cell
c) Mercury cell
d) Dry cell

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