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1 Ohm’s law is valid in case of

a) Conductor
b) Semiconductor
c) Superconductor
d) Insulator

2The wavelength of X - rays is the order of–

a) 1 Micron
b) 1 Angstrom
c) 1 cm
d) 1 mm

3Which of the following instrument/device is used to measure heat radiation?

a) Bolometer
b) Ammeter
c) Thermometer
d) Barometer

4 Hair of a shaving brush cling together when the brush is removed from water due to?

a) Surface tension
b) Viscosity
c) Elasticity
d) Velocity

5 Chronometer measures which of the following?

a) Speed of train
b) Heat
c) Time
d) Potential

6 One angstrom is equal to how many centimeters?

a) 10⁻¹⁰
b) 10⁻⁸
c) 10⁻⁶
d) 10⁻¹²

7Focal length of a lens is 20 cm, its power will be –

a) 2D
b) 4D
c) 5D
d) 0.2 D

8When light passes from air into a glass it experiences a change of:

a) Frequency & Speed
b) Wavelength & Speed
c) Frequency & Wavelength
d) Frequency, Speed & Wavelength

9Which phenomenon is responsible for the echo of sound a wave?

a) Diffraction
b) Reflection
c) Refraction
d) Polarisation

10Sound waves do not travel in -

a) In Solids
b) In Liquids
c) In Gases
d) In Vacuum

Most important

11 In the isothermal process which of the following remains constant?

a) Density
b) Pressure
c) Temperature
d) None of these

12 Venturimeter, a device used to measure the rate of flow of fluid, works on which of the following theorem principle/law?

a) Pascal's law
b) Archimedes' principle
c) Bernoulli's theorem
d) Newton's third law of motion

13 What is the order of magnitude of the electrical resistance of the human body (dry)?

b) 10⁴
c) 10⁵
d) 10²

14How is the power of a convex lens?

a) Zero
b) Negative
c) Positive
d) None of these

15 What is the value of 1 Giga?

a) 10¹⁰
b) 10⁻⁹
c) 10⁹
d) 10¹²

16 We can find with the help of Galvanometer-

a) Energy
b) Resistance
c) Current
d) Temperature

17Shaving Mirror is

a) Convex
b) Concave
c) Plane
d) Parabolic

18Value of reflective index ____ after increasing the temperature?

a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Remains constant
d) None of these

19Oil floats on the surface of the water because

a) Oil is lighter than water
b) Surface tension of oil is
less than water

c) Oil is immersible in water
d) Oil is more viscous

20Cryogenic science is related to

a) High temperature
b) Low temperature
c) Friction and wear – tear
d) Increment in crystals


21 Ball pen functions on the principle of?

a) Viscosity
b) Boyle’s law
c) Gravitational force
d) Surface tension

22 Cream separator works on which of the following principles?

a) Centripetal force
b) Centrifugal force
c) Newton's second law of motion
d) Newton's first law of motion

23 If Velocity of an object is doubled, then its kinetic energy becomes:–

a) Half
b) Double
c) Four times
d) Remain unchanged

24 A transformer works with

a) Direct current only
b) Alternating current only
c) Both AC and DC
d) Any signal

25Work is the 'Scalar Product' of which of the following?

a) Mass and Velocity
b)Force and Displacement
c) Force and Time
d) Mass and Velocity

26 Substances that don't conduct electricity are known as –

a) Insulator
b) Conductor
c) Semiconductor
d) None of these/

27S.I. unit of pressure is Pascal and it can be represented by :

a) N/m
b) N/m²
c) Nm²
d) Nm

28Pascal is the SI unit of _______.

a) Force
b) Pressure
c) Energy
d) Work

29Which scientist discovered the "Electron"?

a) Rutherford
c) Niel Bohr
d) Richardson

30The shortest distance covered by a body in a definite direction is called:-

a) Acceleration
b) Displacement
c) Velocity
d) Angular distance

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