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1 Which of the following is the main spice producer?

a) Malabar Coast
b) Deccan Trap
c) Coromandel Coast
d) Sunder delta

2Which kind of forest is found in Silent Valley of Kerala?

a) Deciduous Forest
b) Tropical Rain Forest
c) Mangrove Forest
d) Littoral and Swamp Forest

3World’s only floating National Park is located in-

a) Manipur
b) Kuala Lumpur
c) Bilaspur
d) Dispur

4 Where is Nagarhole National Park?

a) Karnataka
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Orissa
d) Assam

5 Bandipur National Park is in which state?

a)Madhya Pradesh
b) Rajasthan
c) Karnataka
d) Chhattisgarh/

6 Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is in which state?

a) Orissa/
b) Karnataka/
c) Maharashtra/
d) Gujarat

7Manas Sanctuary in Assam is known for

a) Bears
b) Tigers
c) Elephants
d)Wild ass

8 Talchar is important for which of the following?

a) Atomic Reactor
b) Heavy Water Plant
c) Hydro Power Generation
d) Cable Industry

9 When did the first battle of Tarain take place?

a) 1192
b) 1191
c) 1194
d) 1193

Most important

10 Which of the following seaport is nearest to Rourkela Steel Plant?

a) Haldia
b) Vishakhapattanam/
c) Paradip
d) Kandla

11Which ports are located on the Eastern coast of India?

a) Haldia and Kochin
b) Paradip and Kandla
c) Paradip and Haldia
d) Kandla and Haldia

12Which of the following higher ground is not the part of Telangana Plateau?

a)Western Ghat
b) Eastern ghat
c) Aravalli
d) Satpura/

13 What was the basis of the power transition from Lord Mountbatten to India on August 15?

a) Indian National Congress on this day had kept the promise of 'full self-rule'
b) On this day Mahatma Gandhi had given up the 'All India Relief and Doubt
c) The year of surrender of
the Japanese Army to
Admiral Mountbatten

d) The anniversary of the formation of the Antrim government

14 ‘Tulugma’ style of war was introduced in India by:–

a) Genghis Khan
b) Allauddin Khilji
c) Babur
d) Aurangzeb

15 Treaty of Purandar was signed between Mughals and:–

a) Shambhaji
b) Hyder Ali
c) Shivaji/
d) Peshwa Bajirao

16At which session of Congress, it split for the first time?

a) Lahore
b) Surat
c) Amritsar
d) Belgaon

17 Where is Sher Shah's tomb located ??

a) Nagpur
b) Sasaram
c) Chanderi
d) Malwa


18 Which constitutional amendment is related to urban local self-government?

a) 90
b) 100
c) 89
d) 73

19 Who among the following died while playing Chaughan (polo)?

a) Babur
b) Qutubuddin Aibak
c) Firoz Tughluq
d) Ahmed Shah

20 Who was the founder of the Satavahana Empire?

a) Hall
b) Kanhan
c) Simuk
d) Gautam Putra

21 When the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?

a) 1921
b) 1911
c) 1931
d) 1961

22Who was the first External Affairs Minister of India?

a) Sardar Baldev Singh
b)Jawar Lal Nehru
c) C Rajagopalchari
d) N.R.Pillai

23 "Who has said this statement," Earth does not provide for all the greed of all but adequate means to fulfill all the requirements "?

a)Mahatma Gandhi
b) Guru Nanak Dev
c) Pope Paul
d) Smt. Indira Gadhadi

24Who was built the famous Vishnu temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia?

a) Shrut varman
b) Surya varman II
c) Indra varman
d) Aniruddh/

25'Tuzuk-i-Baburi was written by Babur in

a) Urdu
b) Turkish
c) Arabic
d) Persian

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