Mirrors And Lenses Test Questions

Mirror and lense questions with answers
on 20 Feb 2015, 10:30 AM
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1Sun appears red in color during sunrise and sunset due to

a) The fact that all
other colours scatter
away except red

b) The fact that the sun emits only red color at that time
c) Red light having longer wavelength scatters away
d) The sun comes out of the mountains

2 The splitting of white light into its component is due to

a) Dispersion
b) Reflection
c) Refraction
d) Transmission

3Lens is made up of

a) Pyrex glass
b) Flint glass
c) Ordinary glass
d) Cobalt glass

4 In the absence of the earth’s atmosphere, the sky would appear

a) Blue
b) Deep Red
c) White
d) Black

5 For a person having hypermetropia, the near point is

a) Greater than 50 cm
b) Less than 25 cm
c) Infinity
d) Greater than 25 cm

6 The head mirror used by ENT doctors is

a) Convex
b) Concave
c) Plane
d) Plano-convex

7 Which of the following color of light deviates least through the prism?

a) Red
b) Yellow
c) Violet
d) Green

8 Vehicles use_____ to see to objects coming from behind

a) Concave Mirror
b) Convex Mirror
c) Convex Lens
d) Concave lens

9 Which type of mirror is used in the headlights of vehicles

a) Plane Mirror
b) Concave Mirror
c) Convex Mirror
d) Parabolic Mirror

10Convex mirrors are used as rear view mirror in motorcycles because

a) It forms a real image
b) It forms an erect image
c) It forms a smaller image as compared with an object
d) All of the above

Most important

11 A concave lens always from an image which is

a) Real and erect
b) Virtual and erect
c) Virtual and erect
d) Real and inverted

12 Myopia is the same as

a) Astigmatism
b) Presbyopia
d) Long-sightedness

13 Shaving Mirror is

a) Convex
b) Parabolic
c) Concave
d) Plane

14Short-sight in human eye can be corrected by using proper

a) Convex lens
b) Bifocal lens
c) Concave lens
d) Cylindrical lens

15The speed of light in air is

a) 3 x10⁻⁸ m/s
b) 3 x10³ m/s
c) 3 x 10⁸ m/s
d) Infinite

16Why does water tank appear shallower when viewed from the top?

a) Due to reflection
b) Due to diffraction
c) Due to refraction
d) Due to total internal reflection

17The primary colors in photography are

a) Red, Blue, Yellow
b) Red, Blue, Green
c) Red, Yellow, Green
d) Blue, Yellow, Green

18 An image formed by a plane mirror, that cannot be obtained on a screen is called______.

a)Real image
b) Inverted image
c) Virtual image
d) Erect image

19In a magnifying glass_____ lens is used.

a) Concave
b) Plano concave
c) Convex
d) Plano-Convex

20 When light passes from one medium to another, this phenomenon of change in its direction is called____.

a) Diffraction
b) Refraction
c) Propagation
d) No option is correct


21 Convex mirror is generally used in_____.

a) Solar cookers
b) Ophthalmoscope
c) Reflector for headlight
d) REARVIEW mirror

22 The range of frequency of ultrasonic wave.

a) Greater than 20,000 KHz
b) Greater than 20 KHz
c) Below than 20 KHz
d) Greater than 02 KHz

23 An image formed by a concave mirror on a screen is called_______?

a) Real image
b) Virtual image
c) Inverted image
d) Erect image

24 Which of the following type of waves is different from others?

a) Sound waves
b) Light waves
c) X-rays
d) Radio waves

25 The impression of an image persists on the retina for about _______ of a second.

a) 1/16th
b) 1/10th
c) 1/8th
d) 1/6th

26 Which of the following character of sound wave change with a change in temperature in the atmosphere.

a) Frequency
b) Amplitude
c) Wavelength
d) Intensity

27 The angle between the_______ and the incident ray is called the angle of incidence.

a) Surface
b) Normal
c) Tangent
d) Reflected ray

28The loudness of a sound depends upon

a) Velocity
b) Pitch
c) Amplitude
d) Wavelength

29Pitch is a sensation which depends upon

a) Wavelength
b) Frequency
c) Amplitude
d) Velocity

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