60 Science Quiz Questions And Answers

science quiz questions and answers
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1Which of the following is used as both an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent?

a) H₂S
b) SO₂
c) HNO₂
d) All of these

2Starch is a:

a) Trisaccharide
b) Polysaccaride
c) Disaccharide
d) Monosaccharide

3Two Strands of DNA are held together by

a) Hydrogen bonds
b) Covalent bonds
c) Vander Waals force
d) Electrostatic force

4 Which type of root Banyan Tree has –

a) Arial roots
b) Conical roots
c) Napiform roots
d) Fusiform roots

5 What is insulin?

a) Steroid
b) Carbohydrate
c) Protein
d) Fat

6 Consider the following statements.

a) In mammals, breathing takes place through a diaphragm.
b) Abdominal cavity contains viscera.
c) Thoracic cavity contains the heart & lungs. d) All of these

7Jaundice causes the infection in:

a) Kidney
b) Brain
c) Liver
d) Spleen

8Which vitamin's name is phylloquinone?

a) Vitamin E
b) Vitamin K
c) Vitamin D
d) Vitamin C

9Paris Agreement is known for –

a) Ozone layer
b) Reduction in GREENHOUSE gases
c) Acid rain
d) None of these

10Itai – Itai disease is caused by which element.

a) Nickel
b) Cadmium
c) Chlorine
d) Silver

11Why Hydrogen is not used in weather balloons?

a) It is costly
b) It burns easily when it
comes in contact of oxygen

c) It is not easily available
d) None

12Glass gets orange red colour due to ___________

a) Cobalt oxide
b) Selenium oxide
c) Sodium chromate
d) Cadmium sulphide

13What is the symbol of the chemical element ‘Copper’?

a) Co
b) Cu
c) Cp
d) Cr

14Food cans are coated with Tin but not with Zinc because -

a) Tin is more reactive than zinc
b) Zinc is more reactive than Tin
c) Tin is costlier than Zinc
d) Zinc has a higher melting point than Tin.

15When a gas is subjected to adiabatic expansion, it gets cooled due to–

a) Decrease in velocity
b) Energy spent in doing work
c) The loss in kinetic energy
d) No change in entropy

16Which of the following has the largest value of specific heat?

a) Lead
b) Water
c) Glass
d) Copper

17Which of the following statement is true about non-metal?

a) Chlorine is used in bleaching powder
b) Noble gases such as neon, argon used in different types of light.
c) Coal is another form of carbon d) All of these

18Zeolites used as a catalyst in the process of

a) Sulfuric acid
b) Cracking of Petroleum
c) Ammonia Synthesis
d) None of these

19Which of the following is called QuickSilver?

a) Barium
b) Mercury
c) Zinc
d) Lead

20The element which is common to all acids is-

a) Carbon
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Nitrogen

Most important

21 The process of mixing sulfur into the natural rubber is called –

a) Fermentation
b) Galvanization
c) Volcanization
d) Pasteurization

22 Patella's bone is found in which part of the body?

a) In Brain
b) In hand
c) In leg
d) In-ear

23 The disease Beri - Beri is caused due to –

b) Vitamin-B6
c) Vitamin-B1
d) Vitamin-K

24trecoma is related to which part of a body

a) liver
b) Brain/
c) Eye/
d) respiratory system

25 Which part of the human body stores bills?

a) Appendire
b) Splien
c) Gall bladder
d) Pancreas

26 Virus contains –

a) Only D.N.A
b) Only R.N.A
c) Either D.N.A or R.N.A
d) D.N.A And R.N.A

27Which of the following plant diseases is caused due to deficiency of mineral?

a) Ring rot of potato
b) Heart rot of beetroot
c) Red rot of sugar cane
d) Wilt of cotton

28In which of the following groups of plants conducting tissues are found?

a) Bryophyta
b) Pteridophyta
c) Algae
d) Fungi

29What is called the study of fungus

a) Phycology
b) Mycology
c) Pomology
d) Anthology

30Plants growing on rocks are called:

a) Xerophytes
b) Lithophytes
c) Halophytes
d) Hydrophytes

31Chemical name of Milk of Magnesia is –

a) Magnesium Chloride
b) Magnesium hydroxide
c) Pottasium Chloride
d) Calcium Sulphate

32Which Non-Metal is used to purify water?

a) Sulphur
b) Chlorine
c) Carbon
d) Selenium

33Which halogen exist in liquid form?

a) Fluorine
b) Bromine
c) Iodine
d) Chlorine

34Which gas used in the preparation of bleaching powder?

a) Nitrogen
b) Chlorine
c) Neon
d) Bromin

35How many neutrons are there in a ₉₂u²³⁸ atom?

a) 238
b) 146
c) 132
d) 100

36Rayon is obtained from

a) Cellulose
b) Mulberry
c) Lac insect
d) Fleece

37Atoms having same no of neutron but different no of electrons or protons are called –

a) Isobars
b) Isotones
c) Isotopes
d) Allotropes

38A gas behaves as an ideal gas under the following conditions -

a) High pressure and low temperature
b) Low pressure and
high temperature

c) Low pressure and low temperature
d) High pressure and high temperature

39Which catalyst is used in the synthesis of ammonia by Haber's Process?

a) Ni
b) Fe + Mo
c) Cu + Ni
d) Pt + Mo

40Which of the following are greenhouse gas?

a) CO, NO, N₂, CFC
b) CO₂, NO, CH₄, CFC
c) CO, NH₃, H₂S, N2
d) SO₂, CO₂, H₂S, CFC


41 Folic Acid is a chemical name of _____?

a) Vitamin B12
b) Vitamin B2
c) Vitamin B6
d) Vitamin B9

42 The rate of photosynthesis is maximum in—

a) White light
b)Red light
c) Blue light
d) Greenlight

43 Name the respiratory organs of insects?

a) Skin
b) Gills
c) Tracheae
d) all of the above

44 tuberculosis is caused by–

a) Fungi
b) Bacteria/
c) Protozoa
d) Virus

45How many bones are present in the face?

a) 12
c) 13
d) 24

462,4-D is used as?

a) Weedicide
b) Fertillizer
c) Vitamin
d) Protein

47The scientific name of Banyan is?

a) Mangifera indica
b) Ficus benghalensis
c) Azadirachta indica
d) Psidium guajava

48Which disease is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C?

a) Itai Itai
b) Dermatitis
c) Learning disability
d) Asthma

49Neurons are part of which system of the human body?

a) Circulatory system
b) Nervous system
c) Excretory system
d) Richardson

50Ginger is a modified with?

a) Flower
b) Stem
c) Leaf
d) Root


a) Flower
b) Stem
c) Leaf
d) Root

52Oils and fats

a) Ethyl esters of fatty acids
b) Glyceryl esters of
higher fatty acids

c) Methyl esters of fatty acids
d) Acetyl esters of higher fatty acids

53Which of the following metal has the highest melting point?

a) Tin
b) Tungsten
c) Uranium
d) Plutonium

54Which of the following gases is lighter than air?

a) Oxygen
b) Ammonia
c) Chlorine
d) Ozone

55Which substance is used in making of deep blue color glass?

a) Selenium Oxide
b) Cobalt Oxide
c) Cupric Salt
d) Carbon

56"Mohr Scale" is used to indicate the

a) The degree of brittleness of a substance
b) Degree of hardness
of minerals

c) The degree of viscosity of a liquid
d) The degree of elasticity of a Material

57In Tritium (t), the number of neutrons are –

a) 1
b) 2
c) 0
d) 4

58Which of the following cell is a secondary cell?

a) Fuel cell
b) Ni cell
c) Mercury cell
d) Dry cell

59Which one of the following element is used to purify the water?

a) Sulphur
b) Chlorine
c) Nitrogen
d) Sodium

60Which of the following is not a Green House Gas?

a) Water Vapour
b) Argon
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Methane

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