SI Unit For Mass | Fundamental Units

si unit for mass, fundamental units
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1 The therm is the unit of

a) Power
b) Light
c) Heat
d) Distance

2 A lumen is a unit of

a) Luminous Flux
b) Luminous Intensity
c) Luminous density
d) Brightness

3 The unit of Plank's constant is

a) Js⁻¹
b) Js
c) Js⁻²
d) Js²

4 Hertz is the unit of………

a) Frequency
b) Wavelength
c) Intensity
d) Clarity of waves

5 The unit noise pollution (level) is

a) Decibel
b) Decimal
c) Ppm
d) None of the above

6 Relative humidity is expressed in terms of

a) Gram
b) Kilogram
c) Percentage
d) Ration

7 What is Decibel?

a) Scale of sound level
b) A musical instrument
c) Wavelength of noise
d) A musical note

8 What is the SI unit of temperature?

a) Joule
b) Kelvin
c) Celsius
d) Fahrenheit

9 Photon is the fundamental unit/quantum of

a) Magnetism
b) Light
c) Electricity
d) Gravitation

10 SI unit for illuminance

a) Lumen
b) Lux
c) Luminous intensity
d) Luminous flux

11 SI unit of magnetic flux density

a) Weber
b) Tesla
c) Henry
d) Siemens

12 ‘Parsec’ is the unit measurement

a) Density of stars
b) Astronomical distance
c) The brightness of heavenly bodies
d) Orbital velocity of giant stars

13 Which is the most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius?

a) Nanometer
b) Fermi
c) Micron
d) Angstrom

14 SI unit of solid angle

a) Radian
c) Farad
d) Newton

15 What is the unit of resistance?

a) Farad
b) Ohm
c) Henry
d) Weber

16 Unit of resistance is:

a) Volt²xAmpere
b) Volt/ampere
c) Ampere/ volt
d) Volt × ampere

Most important

17 The SI unit of intensity of sound is...

a) Joule/s²m
b) Newton/s²m
c) Watt/s²m
d) Tesla/s²m

18 What is the SI unit of frequency?

a) Watt
b) Farad
c) Hertz
d) Newton

19A light year is a unit of

a) Time
b) Speed of light
c) Distance
d) Intensity of light

20The SI unit of acceleration is_______

a) Meters per second
b) Seconds per meter
c) Meters per seconds squared
d) Seconds per meter squared

21Rate of change of momentum is

a) Area
b) Pressure
c) Force
d) Velocity

22One Kilowatt hour is equal to___

a) 3.2 Mega Joule
b) 3.8 Mega Joule
c) 3.6 Mega Joule
d) 4.0 Mega Joule

23What is impulse equal to?

a) Change in force
b) Change in momentum
c) Change in velocity
d) Change in acceleration

24A kilowatt-hour is unit of

a) Electric charge
b) Electric current
c) Energy
d) Power

25Which of the following is not a unit of speed?

a) m/s
b) Boyle
c) m²/hr
d) km/hr

26 What is the SI unit of electric current?

a) Newton
b) Ampere
c) Joule
d) Watt

27 S.I. unit of power of lens

a) Decibel
b) Dioptre
c) Degree
d) Metre

28 Amount of substance has the SI unit as

a) Kelvin
b) Mole
c) Second
d) Metre

29 Curie is an unit of

a) Energy Gamma rays
b) Radioactivity
c) The intensity of Gamma rays
d) Work function

30 What is the unit of relative density?

a) Kg/m
b) It has no unit
c) Kg/m²
d) Kg/m³

31 Unit of impedance is ______.

a) Henry
b) Ohm
c) Tesla
d) Hertz

32 ‘Farad’ is the unit of:

a) Inductance
b) Capacitance
c) Resistance
d) Conductance


33 What is the Si unit of Torque?

a) Newton/m²
b) Newton/s
c) Newton second
d) Newton meter

34 Energy in the foods can be measured in which units?

a) Kelvin
b) Calorie
c) Celsius
d) Joule

35 Which of the following quantity is a measure of inertia?-

a) Mass
b) Velocity
c) Acceleration
d) Weight

36 What is the unit of calorific value?

a) kJ/kg
b) kN/kg
c) kW/sec
d) kCal/sec

37 What is the unit of calorific value?

a) Joule
b) Newton
c) Calorie
d) Kelvin

38 What is the SI unit of Force?

a) Newton
b) Pascal
c) Boyle
d) Watt

39 What is the unit of calorific value?

a) Newton
b) Joule
c) Calorie
d) Kelvin

40 What type of force acts on a car moving around a curve?

a) Dialysis
b) Cohesive force
c) Centripetal
d) Gravitational force

41What is the unit of electrical conductivity?

a) Ohm
b) Mho
c) Ohm-cut
d) Ohm/cu

42 S.I. unit of magnetic flux is

a) Weber/m²
b) Weber
c) Weber / m
d) Weber meter

43 What is the unit of the physical quantity “Capacitance”?

a) Weber
b) Fared
c) Tesla
d) Ohm

44 Tesla is the unit of Magnetic field

a) Moment
b) Induction
c) Area
d) Flow

45 S.I. Unit of electric charge is

a) Ampere
b) Coulomb
c) ESU
d) Kelvin

46 What is the unit of the physical quantity “Inductance”?

a) Weber
b) Henry
c) Farad
d) Tesla

47 What is the unit of electric power?

a) Volt
b) Watt
c) KWH
d) Ampere

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