Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Yojana

What is the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Yojana and how it will benefit


on 1 May 2019, 10:30 AM
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Another big news for the farmers in the new year is coming out on behalf of the Modi government, as the Modi government has made a new announcement in its interim budget, Modi has said that now every poor family of farmers 6000 Rs will be given under the Kisan scheme fund and this scheme has been named the prime minister Kisan Samman Yojana but due to this, the opposition governments have made this plan that much more abuse and criticisms have also been done and the opposition parties have kept their views through social media and different comments are coming on social media, while the Modi government has launched its website for the prime minister Kisan Samman Yojana. And this website has provided all the information about the prime minister's Kisan Samman scheme. now let us know which method in the Kisan Samman scheme area farmers Rs 6000 will be compensated and what is the purpose of the scheme.

Pm Kisan Samman Yojana Installment Information

  • Prime Minister Kisan Samman Yojana will be started in three phases and its amount will be given in three phases i.e that 6000 farmers will be given in three phases. In each phase, farmers will be provided only Rs 2000 ie i.e. every month The installment of Rs 500 will be paid.
  • It is being informed by the government that the first installment under this scheme is being given to 2000 farmers by March 31, 2019, to all eligible farmers.
  • The benefits of this scheme will be given to all Indian farmers even if they reside in any state.
  • The benefit of the scheme will be given to those farmers whose land is 2 hectare or less.
  • Under this scheme, only small and marginal farmers have been selected. It has been stated by the scheme that the benefits of this scheme should be received only by the poor and the affluent farmers and they will be included in this scheme.
  • To take advantage of Kisan Samman Yojana, the farmer must have a bank account with no bank account, open his account as soon as possible and his KYC procedure should be completed.

  • To avail the benefits of the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Yojna you must have the Aadhar card, although the Aadhaar card has not been made compulsory for the first phase it is very essential for the Aadhaar card in the second and third phase.
  • To avail the benefits of the Minister Kisan Samman Yojna, you must have the identity card of the bank passbook Narega Job Card Ration Card Identity Card Driving License Khasra Khatuni, etc.
  • In the Prime Minister's Kisan Samman Yojana, the need for mobile number is being sought, although in the first phase mobile will not be required, but in the next phase, mobile has been mandated as the information will be officially kept and after new updates it will be Information will continue to be received by the farmers.

The central government has started applications for both Prime Minister and Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana both online and offline. In some states, it is being sought online application for this scheme. And some states are filling offline applications for PM Kisan Samman Yojana. Camps are being organized at various places for Yojana. And the data of the farmers are being uploaded on the portal issued by the Central Government. After this, the central government will start putting the amount in the farmer's account.

Official Website of Pm Kisam Samman Nidhi Yojana

All States Official Websites

  • On the official website of your state or at the camp, the farmer will get the registration number after applying.
  • After the application is submitted, the employees of the concerned organization will be able to check the papers.
  • The documents of related land documents will be scrutinized within 5 to 8 days of filling the online form of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme online form.
  • Then within 11 days, the application will be uploaded on the portal issued by the Central Government.
  • After that, the first installment will be sent to the farmer's account by the Central Government.